It’s about concern, respect and protection.
For our patients. For our environment.
We keep the office relaxed and friendly, but at the same time, we’re strict about adherence to 5-star standards when it comes to the environment we all share.

Clean water. We send out expired pharmaceuticals to be handled responsibly, so they don’t contaminate the water supply. Also, we’ve installed an amalgam separator that removes waste that might contain mercury before it can enter the sewage system.

Hazardous waste. We’re replaced chemical sterilization with an environmentally friendly steam sterilizer. Also, we collect and responsibly dispose of everything from spent x-ray solution to scrap amalgam, used batteries and outdated electronics .

Waste reduction. We use a centralized inventory tracking and purchasing system to minimize waste and optimize timely delivery of short-shelf-life products.

Recycling. We choose recycled products – including paper products and toner cartridges – whenever possible. We donate expired magazines to a local charity, and we recycle all paper, glass and plastic waste.

Clean air. We’ve worked with our office cleaning service to ensure that they use environmentally friendly cleaning products.
The only 5-star dentist in zip 98059.
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