Every tooth is precious.
You have between 28 and 32 teeth – depending on the status of your wisdom teeth – and every single one contributes to your ability to properly chew and speak. We don’t just number them; we know them.
When one or more teeth are missing, a dental bridge can restore your mouth to its natural proportion. A bridge is made up of two anchoring crowns – one of each side of the gap – and false teeth in between.
Your teeth are constantly exposed to bacteria, so it’s not surprising that even the most vigilant brusher/flosser needs a professional cleaning every 6 months.
When damage or decay is too extensive for a filling, a cap or crown that covers the tooth can restore its shape and size. A crown will also be cemented into place to hold a bridge, cap an implant or protect a weak or cracked tooth.
Digital X-rays.
Not only better for the environment, digital x-rays also reduce your x-ray exposure by up to 80%. We take a complete set of x-rays at your first visit.
Environmental Awareness.
Coal Creek Dentistry continues to recertify the 5-star rating from EnviroStars that we first earned several years ago .Learn more here.
If your teeth and gums are healthy, an annual checkup may be all you need. When closer care is necessary, we’ll recommend a more frequent checkup schedule.
When bacteria decays tooth enamel, we remove the decay and replace or fill in the missing material. Fillings also repair cracked teeth, build up teeth worn down by grinding at night, and fill spaces between teeth.
Composite or porcelain fillings are even color-matched to your teeth.
Oral (Appliance) Therapy for Sleep Apnea.
An MRA (mandibular repositioning appliance) may be the answer when a CPAP is not. Custom-fitted and resembling an athletic mouthguard, it’s small, silent, relatively comfortable and easy to wear.
Oral Cancer Screenings.
We automatically screen for oral cancer at your first visit and at every 6-month checkup. Early detection is a prescription for better success.
Pediatric Dentistry.
As a family practice, we accept young patients of all ages. The ADA recommends that your child have that all-important first checkup before that all-important first birthday, but it’s not unusual for parents to bring their children in around age 3-4. Do start brushing when the first teeth appear, however, and start flossing as soon as two teeth touch.
Our dentists are specially trained in the creation of crowns, bridges and implants to help restore your bite – and your smile.
Root Canals.
When decay and infection reach the living tissue inside a tooth – that is, the pulp – a root canal is the way to avoid having the tooth extracted. We do simple root canals in-office, and refer complex procedures to a specialist.
Porcelain veneers have become the beauty standard for anyone in the public eye. If you’re interested in a picture-perfect smile, let’s talk about veneers.
After searching extensively for the in-office whitening system we felt we could recommend, we endorse – and can now offer you – the KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching™ System.
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